Essential Oils as a Momma!

Using oils can be scary if we don’t feel comfortable with them. ¬†As you may or may not know I have a daughter who we have used essential oils on since about day 3!

Here are a few oils I think all Mommas should have!

1) Lavender–It is great for calming a crying baby, toddler or even adult! Diffuse it or apply to the bottom of the feet before bed for a calm evening of sleep

2) Digestive Blend–Apply topically with Fractionated coconut oil to your baby’s belly for an upset tummy, gas and regurgitation

3) Protective Blend–Amazing to diffuse or again apply to bottom of the fee to help with beginning stages of colds, flu, sore throats or just to support the immune system

4) Melaleuca–Keeps cuts, scraps and boo boo’s clean and protected from infection. Also good to use with coconut oil on their bottoms to help with diaper rash

5) Roman Chamomile–Teething is no fun, but applying this oil on the jaw line and behind the ears can help keep the pain down for your little one. I also recommended getting them an Amber Necklace to wear!


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