Essential oils are amazing and I truly believe if you are not using Essential oils you are missing out!!  When I first started using oils I thought oh I will use them mostly with my patients since I don’t have any health concerns.  Well that lasted about a week until I started using Wild Orange in the morning and realized how much it helped jump start my day. My energy was more sustainable and it uplifted my mood. Then before you knew it I was brushing my teeth with essential oils, apply essential oil blends to my face to prevent aging, slathering on lavender at night to help relax and get sleep and it goes on and on.

I practice Chinese Medicine which essential oils are very much a part of, however sometimes acupuncture treatment costs can add up or people just don’t make the time for appointments, so that’s when I realized essential oils are cost effective and easy to use daily at home.

Cost effective? How can that be you ask, when you have heard people say essential oils can be expensive.  When you look at something like peppermint that you can use for an upset stomach it costs as little as 36 cents per use.  A little bit of nothing vs running out and buying over the counter medications, plus they are save and very effective.

My love for natural medicine grows and grows and I look forward to sharing more with you!